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EcoReFibre project researches recycling used fibreboard

EcoReFibre project researches recycling used fibreboard

June_2024_-_EcoReFibre_project_researches_recycling_used_fibreboard_1.jpgEcoReFibre project members inspecting the fines produced by Dieffenbacher’s single-shaft shredder, ClassiSizer and oscillating screen

In May 2022, Dieffenbacher and 19 organisations from seven countries joined forces in the European Union’s 12 million euro project. It aims to recycle fibreboards at the end of their life cycle and use the recycled wood fibres to produce new fibreboard. Stergios Adamopoulos, professor of Wood Science and Technology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, is the consortium leader.

“The ClassiSizer reduces the fibreboard material to the desired particle size,” explains Jean-Christophe Zimmermann, Dieffenbacher’s Recycling Business Unit head of sales.

The second part of the demonstration was dedicated to producing new boards from recycled fibreboard material. Using a Dieffenbacher ClassiScreen, the waste wood provided by EcoReFibre project partner Veolia was separated into fines, chip-size and oversized fractions. In the same step, films, textiles and other lightweight materials such as paper were removed from the waste wood.

The second day focused on sorting the recycled wood by type. Using its X-Tract X-ray sorting machine, TOMRA showed how impurities such as stone, glass, plastics and metals are detected based on their atomic density and removed from the recycled wood. This was followed by the sorting process.

“The fiberboard fraction obtained from sorting can be used directly for fibreboard-to-fibreboard recycling,” explains Réssy. “The solid wood fraction can be used as a substitute for fresh wood in fibreboard production and the unassigned material for particleboard production. We integrate the TOMRA machines into our Dieffenbacher plant concept so that trouble-free sorting is possible on an industrial scale,” he said.

Source: WoodBiz Magazine - April 2024 (Page 16)

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