21, Sep 2020 -

Newsaw Tally Service

Newsaw Tally Service


NEWSAW is ready to roll out a simple sawlog tally service to the forestry and sawmilling industry in South Africa. NEWSAW recognised the need for a reliable 3rd party log tally service having observed numerous disputes arising out of discrepancies between, not only volumes (which NEWSAW also converts accurately to tons) but also actual log count. Timber delivered to depot needs to be accurately reconciled with logs delivered to sawmills. NEWSAW also offers an option whereby several parties can share the cost of a single tally service to prevent disputes. The model NEWSAW uses has been trialled and developed in the WEZA area in KwaZulu-Natal since February 2020 with much success. NEWSAW plans to modernise their system and gradually roll out more sophisticated tally equipment including proven robust electronic datalogging devices and biodegradable tags.

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Source: Newsaw

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